Truck Accidents

With its many ports and harbors and major interstates crisscrossing the land, it should come as no surprise that Florida drivers must share the roadway with an increasing number of tractor-trailers, big rigs, and other commercial trucks. Because these heavy vehicles represent a unique danger to other drivers, commercial motorists are subject to special regulations and requirements regarding licensing and how and when they may operate their trucks. Not all commercial motorists follow these regulations and rules, however. A catastrophic truck accident is often the result.

As serious as car crashes are, Florida truck crashes are absolutely devastating to victims – especially those in passenger cars and other small vehicles. Fatalities are often the result of these types of collisions. Where victims survive, they are often left with debilitating injuries and permanent disability and/or disfigurement. The truck accident attorneys at Kaiser Romanello are ready to help truck accident victims recover much-needed compensation following their accident.


Any motor vehicle crash has the potential to cause serious injuries like broken bones, neck and spine injuries, and cuts, lacerations, and bruises. But because of the sheer size of commercial trucks and the often-dangerous cargo they transport, victims of truck accidents are at an increased risk of certain injuries such as:

  • Amputations / loss-of-limb injuries;
  • Crushing injuries caused a truck overturning on top of the other car or the car sliding underneath the rear of the truck;
  • Burns caused by spilled chemicals or fluids that catch fire;
  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Death; and
  • Other catastrophic injuries.

While nothing can reverse events and make it so the crash never happened, a truck crash lawsuit can help you and any injured passengers recover compensation to help you with the financial difficulties you are facing. This can include a monetary award to cover your medical expenses, any ongoing medical treatment you will need, wages you lost due to time missed from work, any reduction in future income due to disabilities, pain and suffering due to disfigurement, and (if necessary) compensation for loved ones who perished in the crash.


Crashes involving a negligent or careless commercial driver are more complicated than an auto accident. This is because the drivers of commercial trucks are often the employees of or working on behalf of trucking companies who retain experienced attorneys. These trucking company attorneys have one objective in mind following a truck crash: limit the liability and exposure of their client, the trucking company. This means trying to get you to settle your case out of court for as little compensation as possible. If you are unwilling to settle, these attorneys will take actions that are designed to protect their client, the trucking company.

This is why you need knowledgeable and skilled legal assistance after a truck crash. Your attorney can advise you whether a settlement is in your best interest and work to get you a fair deal. Where a settlement is not advisable, your attorney’s experience can help you:

  • Preserve important evidence that can be lost such as the driver’s logbook, data from the truck’s onboard computer, and any text messages that were sent or received by the driver;
  • Negotiate your way to a resolution without a trial by persuasively presenting the merits of your case to the trucking company’s attorneys;
  • Locate and interview important witnesses who observed crucial details about the crash; and
  • Arrange for experts in the trucking industry and accident reconstruction field to appear on your behalf and support your version of events.


You work hard for your money. That is why you may be reluctant to hire an attorney to represent your interests following a truck accident. You may reason that any additional compensation you may recover with the help of an attorney is only going to go toward that attorney’s fees. “Why bother with an attorney,” you may wonder, “if I’m going to end up in the same situation at the end as I would if I represented myself?”

The truth is that your odds of success dramatically increase when you retain experienced counsel. Not only this, but the court is able to make the negligent party pay your reasonable attorneys fees if you win your lawsuit. This is especially likely if the issues in your case were clear and the other party rejected reasonable settlement offers.


Truck accident lawyers at the Florida law firm of Kaiser Romanello work hard on your behalf to resolve your case quickly and get you the maximum amount of compensation available. They have handled numerous truck accident cases and know how to hold negligent commercial drivers and the companies that employ them accountable for their careless and (sometimes) reckless driving.  Contact us today to learn more about your legal options.