Heroic Tragedy in Palm Beach: Father’s Electrocution Death Saving Child

Nate Davenport, a father of four from Jupiter, was electrocuted on Sunday at Harbourside Place. He lost his life attempting to save his two children from an electrical fountain resulting in an alleged wrongful death.

Davenport, 45, and his three youngest children were playing in the splash pad at Harbourside Place on Sunday afternoon.

Mary Davenport, Nate’s mother, claimed, “The kids started screaming: ‘We’re getting shocked — we’re getting shocked.'”

Davenport and several others who were surprised and attempted to assist reached in and pulled his two boys out of the fountain.

Together with Davenport and another adult, three children—including his eight- and eleven-year-old sons—were taken to a nearby trauma facility.

Davenport passed away from his injuries and the family may have a claim for wrongful death.

“He suffered for his children. Forty-five years were spent with him. God gave us him as a blessing. “It’s an incredible man,” Mary Davenport exclaimed.

A representative for Harbourside claims that the kids were startled in the fountain next to the stage, marked with “no climbing” signs, rather than on the splash pad. There has been no news from the police.

Notwithstanding the property owner’s explanation, a property owner may be responsible for wrongful death if it employed a negligent electrician or construction contractor or failed to maintain its property and, as a result, someone is electrocuted.

Moreover, a property owner may be liable for wrongful death under the law of attractive nuisance. “Attractive Nuisance” is a legal concept that refers to a potentially dangerous condition or object on a property that is enticing to children but also poses a risk to their safety. Property owners may be held liable for wrongful death for injuries to children who trespass on their land due to these attractive nuisances. It’s a legal principle designed to protect children from harm caused by their natural curiosity, where it is foreseeable that they may not be old enough to read or obey warning signs or no trespass signs.

It is a terrible thing to lose a loved one. When a loved one is tragically lost due to potential wrongful death, a lawyer can handle the legal processes, such as filing a wrongful death claim, investigating the incident, negotiating with insurance companies, or pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family. This takes the legal burden off the grieving family.