Injured on Your Cruise Vacation? You May Be Entitled to Compensation

No time is a convenient occasion to be injured or ill, but it is particularly disparaging to suffer during a vacation. Vacationers often choose cruises for a much-anticipated getaway because of their structured outings, all-inclusive payment plans and, presumably, safety – but sadly, each year, many are injured on their cruise vacation and fall victim to hazardous conditions caused by crew or operator negligence or other preventable factors. As with conditions on land, however, ships that fail to provide reasonably safe accommodations for those aboard are liable for the injuries that befall victims.

Who dictates cruise ship injury law?
Because cruises often originate from different countries, carry passengers of many different nationalities, and spend much of their trip in international waters, navigating a personal injury lawsuit stemming from an incident on a ship can be complicated. In the US, these lawsuits are dictated by a combination of maritime law, federal regulations, and contractual obligations that tourists agree to upon purchase of their ticket.

Accordingly, it is imperative to find an attorney who is experienced in representing their clients in these complicated legal situations. At Kaiser Romanello, we provide West Palm Beach with personal injury lawyers who have extensive experience in helping clients recover damages from their cruise ship accidents.

What are common cruise ship injuries?
Cruise ships are, effectively, a floating town – they often feature many floors, restaurants, entertainment facilities, gyms, pools, observation decks, and more. That you are at sea in no way excuses unsafe or hazardous conditions. Some of the most commonly reported cruise ship injuries include:

  • Falls that occur on staircases, due to slippery conditions, lack of handrails, poorly-designed rails, or uneven steps
  • Slipping on decks or other surfaces that gave no warning of dangerous conditions
  • Tripping over hazards
  • Food poisoning

How to strengthen your case while still at sea?

On a cruise ship, victims injured on a cruise vacation may find themselves unable to reach immediate legal representation, and even if they are able to, they may be too far from shore to get the help they need. If you are a victim of an event such as a slip-and-fall incident, food poisoning, a criminal act, or another injury that may be related to negligence on the part of the ship’s crew, it is important to call a qualified Personal Injury attorney immediately, report the incident as soon as possible,  document the scene by photo or video, obtain statements from those who witnessed the event, as well as their contact information once ashore, and file your claim through your attorney immediately following your exit from the ship, if not before. Many personal injury lawsuits, including those which occur on ships, are time-sensitive, and acting as soon as possible will greatly strengthen your case.