Common Slip and Fall Accidents

If you suffer a slip and fall accident on someone’s property, it may feel like it’s your fault. “I should’ve been paying more attention to that!” you might say, and thus fail to consider anyone else’s responsibility while you’re in the midst of your embarrassment and pain. That thought process is natural, and you’re certainly not alone in feeling that way when it comes to common slip and fall accidents.

But more often than you think, the property owner is at fault for an accident that is costing you a fortune in medical bills and a potential lifetime of pain.

As a premier slip and fall attorney for the West Palm Beach area, we feel as though it is our duty to aid you in navigating the process when it comes to receiving the compensation you’re entitled to in the wake of a slip and fall accident. If you’ve recently suffered a slip and fall injury, you’re probably feeling physically and emotionally drained, but don’t get too down on yourself because these things happen frequently. Here are some of the most common slip and fall accidents:

Wet Floors

“Caution, Wet Floor.” You’ve seen that sign a million times, and when you do, it undoubtedly causes you to consider every step you take—a task that you otherwise execute thoughtlessly. Maybe the floor was recently mopped there, or a heavy volume of foot traffic has been moving through that area on a rainy day, but whatever the culprit causing slick conditions may be, if that simple signal isn’t there, you could easily have an accident that causes serious injuries. A property owner is responsible for warning you of wet floors, and when they don’t and you slip, they’re required to foot your medical bills (provided a chain of six events occurs).

Uneven Surfaces

Since wet floor signs are abundant, and property owners generally know that they’ll be held responsible for accidents that happen when they neglect to do so, more often than not, the warnings are where they need to be, when they need to be. But the warnings indicating an uneven surface are less common. Add to that how subtle the danger zone can be in this case, and you have a recipe for a quick and easy disaster. If you’re a recent victim of a trip or slip due to an uneven surface that lacked proper warning, get in touch with us about council on pursuing the case with the property owner further.

Dangerous Staircases

Staircases are inherently dangerous due to how devastating accidents that happen on them can be. While we need to take extra care when using them, property owners in turn are required to take the same care in maintaining them. Surprisingly, approximately 12,000 people suffer fatal staircase accidents every year in the U.S. (compare that with 1 shark attack death every two years, to put things in perspective), proving that the injuries can be extremely serious relatively easily

At Kaiser and Romanello, we’re seasoned accident attorneys who serve West Palm Beach, FL, and we’re happy to answer your questions if you’re unsure about a common slip and fall accident. In terms of slip and falls, the laws can be difficult to interpret, so it’s recommended that you seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer if you find yourself in a slippery situation, at the potential fault of a negligent property owner. Try to stay safe out there, but if an accident happens and it isn’t your fault, don’t pay bills that someone else should be!