Slips, Trips, and Falls in Florida: Five Things Your Slip and Fall Attorney Will Need to Know

Slips, trips and falls are common injuries and sometimes caused by the negligence of another. This type of case falls under premises liability. To be held liable, a property owner must be shown to have known about a hazard and neglected to repair or remove it or place a warning sign. A slip and fall attorney in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach can advise whether evidence in a slip and fall accident is sufficient to ask for compensation. However, certain documentation is necessary to prove slip and fall injuries.

Types of Dangerous Conditions

When people think of a slip and fall, they normally think about wet spots on a floor or outdoors due to weather conditions. However, other conditions may cause this type of accident. Uneven floors, tears in carpeting or cords running across a floor, improperly maintained stairs and curbs and poor lighting can all contribute to a slip and fall accident that can cause an injury.


The plaintiff has the burden of proof to prove a slip and fall accident. Having photographs of the accident scene provides good evidence of negligence. Staircases without protective measures such as missing handrails, poorly constructed steps that are not uniform or are worn cause accidents. Thresholds with unexpectedly high risers can also be a source of a tripping accident. Spills in stores that are unexpected and haven’t been cleaned up or when a warning sign hasn’t been posted can also result in slip and fall accidents, as well as wet floors (due to mopping) without appropriate warnings. Taking photos following an accident can provide proof that the fall was due to a dangerous condition.

Medical Documentation

An individual who is injured in a slip and fall accident must provide documentation of medical care following the accident to prove the injury. Seek medical attention right away, since your injury may be questioned if you put off seeking medical care for several days. While being treated for an injury, tell the physician how the accident happened.

Your slip and fall attorney will undoubtedly want a copy of physician records, along with prognosis, treatment and an estimate of how long it might take for the injury to heal. Records of medications prescribed to treat the injury and additional records such as rehabilitation and trips to specialists are also necessary.

Reporting the Accident

Following a slip and fall that results in injury, it is important for the injured person to report the accident to the store or property owner or another person in authority. This is particularly important if no one else witnessed the accident. A delay in reporting the accident may affect your case. Commercial stores frequently have accident reports that you can choose to fill out or not. An attorney’s advice may be valuable before you do so. If you do decide to fill out one of the forms, ensure that the information is as accurate as possible, and ask for a copy that you can give to your attorney.

Get Names and Phone Numbers of Witnesses

If there are witnesses to your accident, it is important to get their names and phone numbers, so you can give this information to your attorney. It is easier to prove a slip and fall accident if others were around at the time and witnessed it.

Call a Slip and Fall Attorney

A slip and fall accident may result in medical costs, lost time at work and a recuperative period, along with costs for medication that may not be covered by insurance. Calling an experienced slip and fall attorney at Kaiser Romanello can be helpful. We offer a free case evaluation to answer your questions and advise you on whether negligence was involved in your injury. If so, our law firm can help you obtain compensation, so you can concentrate on getting better without worry.