Your Florida Car Accident Attorney Is Your New Best Friend

When a motor vehicle accident happens, it is necessary to collect evidence at the scene and seek medical care. Being compensated for the financial loss the accident causes depends on proper presentation of the damages in an organized way. Failing to do this may cause you to recover less than is necessary to pay expenses associated with the accident. Attempting to do this alone may be daunting, particularly when you are injured due to the crash. Having the help of an experienced Florida car accident attorney is helpful. He or she can assist in protecting your rights.

Organization and Collection of Data

Damages fall into several categories, all of which need to be organized. For instance, medical expenses include doctor and emergency visits and medication records. Keeping receipts from doctor visits and labels from prescription medicines along with bills for other medical costs such as ace bandages is necessary.

Evidence you may have obtained at the scene of the accident needs to be categorized. Pictures taken with your cell phone, of your vehicle and the other driver’s car, or of the general area, such as an intersection or brake marks on the roadway may help later. Identifying the pictures with a small caption will help eliminate problems remembering important details.

An attorney can help you organize the data and catalog it for later use. Trying to do this alone after an accident may be difficult, and certain items could be misplaced, making it difficult to prove your case later.

Statute of Limitation

There is a statute of limitation in Florida that applies to accident cases, and failing to meet the deadline can result in losing the opportunity to recover financial loss. A car accident attorney can make sure you file your claim on time.

Insurance Communication

After an accident, there is communication between your insurance and you or your attorney. You are responsible for notifying your insurance company immediately after the accident happens. This requires basic information about where it happened and other pertinent information such as the other driver’s contact data. From that point on, your attorney can speak with the insurer on your behalf. This includes talking to an insurance adjuster. This individual makes a decision how much you will be compensated for your loss. Checking with your mechanic or witnesses are actions the insurance adjuster performs. Any questions the insurance adjuster might have about the accident can be referred to your attorney.

Medical Records

Medical records are a way in which you are able to show how badly you were injured. Generally, such records are requested from your doctor or the hospital where you were taken. Receiving medical records in a timely fashion is something your attorney can facilitate. In addition, a car accident attorney located in Boca Raton or Fort Lauderdale can ensure the records contain all the necessary information. For instance, the treating physician records need to be complete, mentioning the extent of the injury and whether it resulted from the accident. In short, the accident must have caused the injury. The physician may also include a prognosis, estimated recovery time and potential time away from work.

Lien Holders

If payments for medical care or workers’ comp have been paid, the payer will put a lien against a settlement or jury award you may receive. This amount is deducted from the award or settlement when it is paid. On some occasions, your Florida attorney can negotiate for a lower amount.

Settlement Negotiations

During negotiations on a settlement amount, there can be back and forth discussions about what that amount should be. Your attorney can start with a demand letter, detailing what you will need to pay all expenses. After negotiation, the insurance company may decide on an appropriate amount. If not, the matter can be taken to court for resolution.

Hiring a Florida Car Accident Attorney

Hiring an attorney is a good first step when you are injured in an accident. Recuperation can be difficult enough without the stress of worrying about medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages associated with the accident. Contacting Kaiser Romanello for a free case evaluation can help alleviate that worry. Your car accident attorney can help you recover those expenses, so you can concentrate on getting better.