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Did you or a loved one recently suffer injuries in Boca Raton because of someone else’s careless or reckless conduct? The experienced Boca Raton personal injury attorneys at Kaiser Romanello, P.A. are committed to protecting your rights and helping you obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve.

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Why Choose Kaiser Romanello, P.A. to Handle Your Boca Raton Injury Claim?

To get the most from your Boca Raton personal injury claim, work with an attorney who knows both Florida’s state laws regarding personal injury and local courts and procedures.

Each of our firm’s founders has deep ties to the Boca Raton area.

Steven J. Romanello is a South Florida native, and Lorne Kaiser was born in New York but grew up in South Florida. We set up our practice in South Florida in 2009 to serve the individuals and families that make up our communities.

With more than 14 years of serving injured clients in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas, we have gained invaluable insight into the local legal landscape and amassed a vast network of resources that helps us effectively handle South Florida personal injury claims.

You can rely on us for personalized attention and compassionate counsel. We promise to treat you with the utmost dignity and respect as we assertively pursue the best possible outcomes for you. Throughout our practice, we have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and court awards for clients dealing with various personal injuries and losses.

We understand what you are going through and are here to promptly answer your questions or address your concerns. We are also a modern South Florida personal injury law firm, using the latest legal technology—such as our state-of-the-art Injury Claim Optimizer—to help our clients recover maximum compensation to realize the fullest physical recovery possible.

For a no-cost review of your case and to learn how we can help you get the full compensation you need, contact Kaiser Romanello, P.A. immediately for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Types of Boca Raton Personal Injury Claims We Handle

The attorneys at Kaiser Romanello, P.A. handle a variety of Fairfax personal injury claims, including:

  • Boca Raton Car Accidents
  • Boca Raton Truck Accidents
  • Boca Raton Motorcycle Accidents
  • Boca Raton Pedestrian Accidents
  • Boca Raton Bicycle Accidents

Our attorneys can assist with virtually any accident or injury claim caused by another party’s negligence. If the accident or incident that caused your pain and suffering is not listed above, contact us anyway if someone’s negligent or wrongful actions hurt you or someone you love. We will review your claim at no cost and advise you accordingly.

Boca Raton Personal Injury Statistics

In a recent year, Boca Raton reported 3,350 traffic accidents, according to the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard. The city reports around five traffic-related fatalities yearly, with dozens more reports of serious traffic-related injuries.

Boca Raton also reported 43 motorcycle accidents that severely injured eight and killed three.

Most accidents in Boca Raton occur at intersections, and the most common reasons for intersection accidents include failure to yield the right-of-way and turning into oncoming traffic.

Some of the most dangerous roads and intersections for traffic accidents in Boca Raton are:

  • State Road 7 and Glades Road
  • Powerline Road, Glades Road, and Jog Road
  • Yamato Road and U.S. Highway 441
  • West Palmetto Park Road and U.S. Highway 441

Of course, accidents can happen virtually anywhere in Boca Raton, and you can suffer injuries in other ways, such as slipping and falling at any of the stores at Town Center at Boca Raton or the Shops at Boca Center on South Military Trail.

Although Boca Raton has top-notch medical facilities, such as Baptist Health Boca Raton, medical errors do happen that injure or kill thousands of people throughout Florida. You or a loved one could fall victim to medical malpractice, and you will need experienced legal counsel to help you get the compensation you deserve. The same holds true for Boca Raton’s nursing home facilities, such as The Legacy or Artis Senior Living.

There are many ways you could suffer harm through no fault of your own in Boca, and you need to know where to turn for answers and help. Contact the experienced attorneys at Kaiser Romanello, P.A. today for a free consultation.

Common Personal Injuries People Suffer in Boca Raton Accidents

Personal injuries resulting from accidents in Boca Raton can vary widely depending on the type and severity of the accident.

Some common personal injuries people may suffer in Boca Raton accidents include:

  • Whiplash: Often associated with car accidents, whiplash occurs when the neck is suddenly and forcefully jerked back and forth. This can result in neck pain, stiffness, and other related symptoms.
  • Fractures and Broken Bones: Car crashes, slips and falls, or other accidents can lead to fractures or broken bones. These injuries can range from minor to severe, depending on the location and nature of the fracture.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): TBIs can cause headaches, dizziness, memory problems, and behavior changes.
  • Back and Spinal Cord Injuries: Accidents can cause damage to the back or spinal cord, potentially leading to long-term disabilities. This can result in paralysis, chronic pain, and other serious health issues.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: These injuries can include sprains, strains, and contusions, often resulting from slip and fall accidents or sports-related incidents. Soft tissue injuries can cause pain and limit mobility.
  • Burn Injuries: Accidents involving fires, chemicals, or hot surfaces can cause burn injuries. These injuries can range from first-degree burns (superficial) to third-degree burns (full thickness) and may require extensive medical treatment.
  • Cuts and Lacerations: In accidents, sharp objects or broken glass can cause cuts and lacerations. These injuries may require stitches or surgery.
  • Internal Injuries: Blunt force trauma in accidents can lead to internal injuries, such as organ damage or internal bleeding. These injuries may not always immediately appear and may require prompt medical attention.
  • Emotional and Psychological Trauma: People involved in accidents can also suffer from emotional and psychological trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, or depression.
  • Injuries in Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents: In a city like Boca Raton, with so much pedestrian and bicycle traffic, accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists can result in broken bones, head injuries, and road rash.

The specific injuries in any given accident can vary widely depending on the circumstances and the individuals involved. Seek immediate medical attention and consult with legal professionals if someone else’s negligence caused the accident to ensure appropriate treatment and compensation for damages.

Steps to Take After an Accident to Strengthen Your Boca Raton Personal Injury Case

After an accident in Boca Raton, you can strengthen your personal injury case by obtaining the necessary evidence and documentation to support your compensation claim.

First, seek immediate medical attention. Even if you do not feel seriously injured, you need a medical professional to evaluate your condition. Some injuries may not immediately appear, and you must document your injuries right after the accident for your case.

Next, gather evidence at the accident scene. Take photos or videos of the accident scene, including any damage to vehicles, property, or personal belongings. Collect contact information from any witnesses who saw the accident occur. These pieces of evidence can provide valuable support for your claim.

Be sure to report the accident to the appropriate authorities, such as the police or property owner. Having an official report can help establish the details of the accident and support your case.

Keep thorough records of all medical treatments, expenses, and lost wages related to the accident. This includes doctor’s visits, prescription medications, rehabilitation services, and other medical expenses. Keep track of any time you miss from work due to your injuries.

Lastly, consult with a qualified personal injury attorney in Boca Raton. They can review your case, assess the strength of your claim, and guide you through the legal process. An attorney can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

Following these steps can strengthen your personal injury case and increase your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve.

Factors That Determine if You Have a Personal Injury Case in Boca Raton

When determining whether you have a personal injury case in Boca Raton, there are several factors that you should consider. First, you must establish the party responsible for your injury owed you a duty of care. This means that the other person or entity had a legal obligation to act in a way that would prevent harm to others.

Next, you need to demonstrate that this duty of care was breached. This means that the other party failed to meet their legal obligation and acted negligently or intentionally in a way that caused your injuries. This can include reckless driving, failing to maintain safe premises, or providing inadequate medical care.

Finally, you must show that the breach of duty caused your injuries. This means there is a direct link between the negligent actions of the other party and the harm you suffered.

These factors require a thorough evaluation of your specific circumstances.

A qualified Boca Raton personal injury attorney from Kaiser Romanello, P.A. can determine the strength of your case and whether you have a valid compensation claim. We will review the evidence, gather necessary documentation, and advocate on your behalf to recover the compensation you deserve.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive From a Boca Raton Personal Injury Claim

The amount of compensation you can receive from a Boca Raton personal injury claim will depend on:

  • Medical expenses: This includes the cost of past, present, and future medical treatment, such as hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, prescription drugs, and physical therapy.
  • Lost income: This includes the amount of money you lost from work because of your injuries.
  • Loss of earning capacity: This includes the amount of money you are expected to lose in the future because of your injuries.
  • Pain and suffering: This compensates for the physical and emotional pain and suffering you experienced because of your injuries.

In addition to these damages, you may recover punitive damages if the at-fault party acted with gross negligence or recklessness. Punitive damages punish the at-fault party and deter others from engaging in similar conduct.

No one-size-fits-all answer will tell you how much compensation you can receive. The best way to determine the value of your claim is to consult our experienced Boca Raton personal injury lawyers.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Boca Raton?

In general, you have two years from your injury to file a personal injury lawsuit in Boca Raton, Florida. This is known as the statute of limitations. If you miss the deadline, you lose your right to file a lawsuit and seek compensation for your injuries.

A few exceptions apply to the two-year statute of limitations. For example, if you are a minor, you must file a lawsuit two years from your 18th birthday. Additionally, if the at-fault party fraudulently concealed information about the accident or your injuries, the statute of limitations may toll, or pause, until you discover the information.

If you are considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help you determine the deadline for filing your lawsuit and protect your rights.

A few benefits of working with a Boca Raton personal injury lawyer include:

  • They can help you investigate your accident and gather evidence.
  • They can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.
  • They can file a lawsuit and represent you in court.
  • They can help you get the compensation you deserve.

If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in an accident in Boca Raton someone else caused, do not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer at Kaiser Romanello, P.A. to discuss your legal options.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney?

Most Boca Raton personal injury attorneys, including those at Kaiser Romanello, P.A., work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you do not pay any upfront fees or costs. Instead, your attorney will take a percentage of your settlement or verdict, and they will discuss their fee schedule when you meet with them during your free consultation.

If your attorney does not successfully recover damages on your behalf, you should not owe them anything. This makes contingency fees a good option for people injured in an accident who cannot afford to pay upfront legal fees.

What’s the Personal Injury Claims Process in Boca Raton?

The personal injury claims process in Boca Raton generally involves:

  • Seek medical treatment. This will ensure that you receive the proper care for your injuries and create a record of your medical expenses.
  • Gather evidence. This may include police reports, witness statements, photographs of the accident scene, and medical records.
  • Consult an attorney. Having an attorney on your side offers numerous benefits and can alleviate the stress and worry of dealing with your injury claim. A lawyer can assist with gathering evidence to support your claim and dealing with the insurance companies.
  • File a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Your lawyer can help you file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company and provide details about the accident, your injuries, and your damages.
  • Negotiate a settlement. The insurance company may offer you a settlement, which is a one-time payment to compensate you for your injuries and damages. If you are not satisfied with the settlement offer, your attorney may be able to negotiate with the insurance company to get a higher offer.
  • File a lawsuit. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement or unjustly denies your valid claim and will not budge, your attorney may recommend filing a lawsuit in civil court. A lawsuit asks the court to order the at-fault party to pay you compensation for your injuries and damages, and your attorney can build a strong case and represent you at trial.

If you’re considering filing a personal injury claim in Boca Raton, consult our experienced attorneys. Be honest and upfront with them. The more information your attorney has about your case, the better they will represent you.

An attorney can explain the claims process and protect your rights.

Contact Kaiser Romanello, P.A. Today

Unfortunately, there are many ways you can suffer serious injuries or lose a close family member in Boca Raton due to another party’s negligence or wrongdoing. You shouldn’t have to bear the costs and losses from the incident. You have legal rights and options you can pursue to hold the responsible party accountable and get the compensation you need.

The Boca Raton personal injury attorneys at Kaiser Romanello, P.A. have decades of experience helping clients recover full and fair compensation for their injuries and losses. Contact us today at (844) 877-8679 for a free evaluation of your case and advice regarding your options.

Additional Resources

Boca Raton Emergency Rooms

The following emergency rooms and urgent care centers serve the Boca Raton area. Seek immediate medical attention for any injuries you suffered because of someone else’s negligence, and contact Kaiser Romanello, P.A., as soon as possible for a free consultation regarding your injury claim.

  • Baptist Health Boca Raton Regional Hospital ER: 800 Meadows Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33486
  • West Boca Medical Center Emergency Room: 21644 FL-7, Boca Raton, FL 33428
  • Boca Raton Care Facility: 1515 W Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33486

*Disclaimer – Kaiser Romanello, P.A. does not endorse these medical providers, nor do we profit from having them listed on our website.

Boca Raton Courthouses

  • Boca Raton City Hall: 201 W Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33432
  • County of Broward: North Regional Courthouse: 1600 W Hillsboro Blvd, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442