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Bus Accidents

Bus accidents are some of the most devastating and dangerous forms of vehicular accidents that occur in Florida. Motor coaches like Greyhound, public transportation buses, school buses that transport children to class, and tour buses are common sights on Florida’s roadways. Unfortunately, each year, 63,000 bus accidents occur. Over 325 of these accidents result in …

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Boat Accidents

Florida is the largest peninsula in the United States. Surrounded by water on three sides and with year-round temperate weather, the state of Florida is a haven for water activities, including water skiing, tubing, jet skiing, sailing, fishing, and boating. In addition, with numerous large ports, Florida is known as the cruise ship capital of …

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Florida Birth Injuries

  The birth of a newborn child is supposed to be a remarkable, fantastic, and joyous occasion. For some families – about 3% of expecting families in the U.S., to be more precise – the birthing process is painful because of injuries the child sustains during birth. Obstetricians – doctors who specialize in pregnancy and …

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aviation accidents

Aviation Accidents

As airlines expand their routes and fleet sizes, increasing numbers of passengers are taking to the skies to commute for business and leisure travel. Various federal and state regulatory agencies like the Federal Aviation Agency and Department of Transportation govern flight schedules, pricing, and airplane safety inspections. However, the airline industry is a business, and …

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Florida Car Accident Attorneys

  Hurt in a Florida Car Accident? When you are injured in a Florida car accident, at Kaiser Romanello Accident & Injury Attorneys, “We Don’t Take ‘Low” for an Answer.”™ We understand Florida auto accident victims’ struggles. Our law firm investigates each case and negotiates with insurers. Our knowledge of Florida traffic laws and personal …

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Amusement Park Accidents

Florida Amusement Park Accident Lawyer When the thrill of an amusement park visit turns into a nightmare due to an accident or injury, you need experienced legal representation to protect your rights and seek compensation for your damages. Our Florida personal injury lawyers are here to help. Why Choose Us for Your Amusement Park Accident …

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